Mish-Mash Nail Art

Hi again!

Today I’ve got a bit of an eclectic manicure to show you. It definitely grew on me after I finished it, but I’m still not 100% sure on it. My partner picked out three colours for me to put together while he was at work, so I raked through my box of nail varnish and found these beauties:

Mint – New Look polish I believe?, Avon – Navy and a nameless, brandless orange pastel. And here is the look I made from the three of them!



I am so happy with the way the leopard print turned out! Really like it being only on half my nails too, it doesn’t look too cluttered on the nail then.  Sometimes with leopard print (it’s a go-to design of mine) I feel that it can look too messy when there’s too much of it on the one nail. But only having it on half of a nail makes it look very sophisticated.

I don’t like the way the polka dots turned out, in my head it was much nicer. But we all make mistakes and learn from them right??

Have you ever made a mistake that you left on your nails? Let me know in the comments 🙂



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